Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 4: ORC Ceiling Reveal!

It's hard to believe that this is week 4 of the 6 week One Room Challenge.  For those of you that are freshly visiting, the ORC is a makeover challenge where designers select one room to design over the course of six weeks.  Each week, progress is revealed.  If you need a refresher on what's happened so far during my son's bedroom makeover, please visit the previous weeks: 
Now, there's been a lot of speculation about what I would do to the ceiling of this bedroom.  I had considered painting but ultimately, I decided to wallpaper the ceiling.  I wanted a rustic and boyish look that was cool but would also grow as my seven year old gets older. 
The selection:  Thibaut Rodanthe in Grey !  I love the appearance of wood planks and I think it's going to look stunning up on the ceiling. 

I've decided to do the horizontal walls in the bedroom in the Vintage Global Map Custom Wallpaper from Design Your Wall.  Together, I think the two papers give a great contrast. 

The wall is prepped for the paper in this photo:

As I mentioned in week 1, I wanted individual lighting on each bunk level so that the kids could have extra light when reading in bed.  I found very industrial looking lights at Restoration Hardware Gallery,  The Factory Cage Sconce
Here are the factory cage sconces installed in the room before the wallpaper is added. 
Normally I'm a total color gal, but I'm trying to stay neutral in this room with a few subtle pops.  I purchased the Target Threshold Criss Cross rug for the room to add extra pattern and texture. 
Here's a small glimpse in the room:

Also, on my last trip to Brimfield, I spotted these buoys.  I wasn't sure how to use them but I thought they could be incorporated into the room somehow so I bought a handful of them.  They're so colorful and add a vintage look to them. 

 And...I need some window coverings to replace the temporary shades that have been up in the room for the last 2's that for TEMPORARY!  This is a stripe from Calico and I think it may be just enough contrast on the windows without being overkill...


So, it's coming together slowly but surely!  Two more weeks until the final reveal!  What are your thoughts about the Thibaut Rodanthe paper for the ceiling!? 

Check out some of the other talented designers in the challenge.  Visit Calling It Home to see the progress! 



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 3: ORC: DIY Boy's Room w/ Seating, Ceiling, Lighting and Walls!

Thank you for checking back on my progress in Week 3 for the One Room Challenge .

I'm updating my son Jack's room.  If this is your first visit here, you can catch up here:

Week 1: The Plan  |  Week 2: Bunk Bed Selection

I never know how to gauge the momentum of this challenge.  I always start out slowly and then panic around week 3 when I realize how much there really is left to accomplish.  To say I kicked it into over drive this week is an understatement! 

I selected the bunk beds for the room.  I wanted a sturdy and hearty look in this room.  I selected the Restoration Hardware Child & Baby Callum Platform Full over Full Bunk Bed in the Sandwashed Grey color. And here is how the bed's look installed in the room. 

I love the beds.  The full sized mattresses are terrific!  But there's still so much left to do!  I pulled up this little table from our basement because I think it may make a great little art table in the room for the kids.  I wanted to do smaller seating around the table and considered oversized bean bags. 

 Then, on a trip to ikea, I spotted these little basket weave rockers, the Ikea Rattan PS Gullholmen Rocking Chair.  I thought they'd add character around the table.  During the same trip, I found an adorable plaid throw blanket and global map pillow.  I decided to make a quick purchase decision and not brainstorm any longer about other potential seating. 

And, voila!  Here they are in the room.  (Ignore that fuchsia and purple striped ottoman in the background.  I originally had very different plans for a Hollywood Regency type room...but that was back when it was dedicated to be a guest bedroom).  I love these little rocker chairs in the room. 

I wanted something unique for the ceiling.  (I'm surprised by the overwhelmingly excited response to the painted circus top design from my inspiration photo!)   I think many may be disappointed to learn that, in the end, I decided that wallpapering the ceiling would be the way to go.  I wallpapered the guest bedroom ceiling and love the results.  (See here). 

Here's a photo where the wallpaper guy prepped the ceiling for paper....

Also, I found a terrific rope pendant from RH Baby & Child, the Rope Orb Pendant.
And lastly, I discovered this custom vintage global wallpaper from Design Your Wall called Sea Explorer.  I think this may provide just the amount of "boy" for the room that I'm looking for.   I would put this on the walls of the room and need to find a covering for the ceiling that would compliment it.  Next on the list,  new bedding, a rug and accent pieces to tie the room together!
I'm moving quickly into week 4 and am excited to share the updates with you next week. 

What do you envision for the ceiling to compliment the global wall paper on the side walls?  I've already made the selection and am anxious to reveal next week!

In the meantime, stop over the Calling It Home for the others' updates! 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

ORC Week 2: Bunk Bed Selection

 We're entering week two of the One Room Challenge.  Check back here for Week 1. 

You may recall that the last time I participated in the ORC as a linking participant, I made over our guest bedroom.   Here's the bohemian chic guest bedroom reveal  (another post here) from the past challenge. 
This time, I'm making over my 7 year old son's room and have been on the hunt for a bunk bed that will grow with my son.  I don't want anything that is flimsy or temporary looking.  I noticed that many of the styles I'm drawn to are built in bunk beds.  Built into the walls of their environment.  Hmmm...well shoot, I wasn't planning on THAT endeavor. 

Here are some of my favorite beds located in my search:
Courtesy via Marcus Design
Via RH Gallery

Courtesy via
Rover Homes

Coastal Living via Babble

Yep, as I told you.  Most of these are built-in bunk beds that have been custom built into the room.  I wanted something that was grown up.  Not too childish.  A bit industrial. 

So my selection: 

The Restoration Gallery Baby and Child Bunk Bed! 

Via RH Gallery

Here's why:

Each mattress is full size rather than the standard twin size for a bunk bed.  I love the distressed wood and the sturdy look of these beds.  These are shown in the white but I'm ordering them in the darker wood.  This photo is a bit feminine for a little boy's room, but I have some ideas about how to make them more masculine. 

I'm still on the hunt for a way to make the ceiling stand out in a unique way. 

I'm fighting the urge not to paint the room in bright colors like the rest of my house.  My theme is neutral tone for this room!  Fight the color pop urge. 

Next step, figuring out the walls of the room.  That may help shape the rest of the d├ęcor.  For a better look at other rooms of my house, check here

Thanks so much to Linda from Calling It Home for allowing us Linking Participants to join in on the One Room Challenge. 

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